The Capers Story

In 2009 Sally travelled to Mozambique to support the work of Nema, a charity providing life saving support and as a result Capers support the work by providing funds to assist in the implementation of the feeding programme. For further information see

The Nema Charity

Capers focuses on supporting Nema’s school feeding project. Capers clients have the opportunity to also support this charity.

The Project provides every child that attends school with a free and nutritious lunch every school day. The Project also supports the creation and upkeep of school farms designed to replace the need to purchase the unprepared food after five years.

The Project has three main aims: to reduce child malnutrition; to improve school attendance and to improve concentration levels at school.

More generally, the Project aims to reduce food pressures within families and make schools more self-sufficient.

Since 2011, Capers are supporting 100 children per year and have made arrangements to remit monies, on an annual basis, sufficient for NEMA to provide a meal a day for these children

Nema feeding program by capers catering